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Apothecary Jar Terrarium with Brass Sultry Skeleton

Apothecary Jar Terrarium with Brass Sultry Skeleton

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Y'all sold us out, so we had to bring them back! 

Who said it had to be Halloween to enjoy our Sultry Spooky Skeleton Terrarium! Infuse your space with an aura of eerie allure using this exceptional tabletop adornment. Encased within an apothecary glass jar, you'll uncover a diminutive realm of enchantment, featuring a sultry brass skeleton figure, bewitchingly lush moss, and a dash of enigmatic charm. Ideal for infusing your home or office with a cute, yet spooky ambiance, this terrarium promises to captivate and intrigue all who set eyes upon it!

🪴 Minimal Maintenance: Even for the busiest souls, this terrarium requires minimal care. The enclosed design nurtures a self-sustaining ecosystem that demands only occasional attention. Simply place it in indirect sunlight and provide a light misting every few weeks to keep your terrarium flourishing.

🏡 Versatile Decoration: Whether gracing your living room, adorning your office desk, or enhancing your dining table, the Skeleton Terrarium, housed in the Apothecary Glass Jar, adds a touch of sophistication and verdant allure to any setting. It also makes a thoughtful and unique gift for plant enthusiasts, nature aficionados, or anyone seeking a slice of serenity.

🎁 The Perfect Gift: Share the gift of everlasting plant life with your cherished ones. Be it for a birthday, housewarming, or a special occasion, this terrarium presents a token of cheekiness and symbolism that will be cherished! 

Measures: Appx. 2.5" x 5"

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