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Interested in our Private Terrarium Workshops?

We don't just do public terrarium workshops; we're all about the good vibes with our awesome private workshops. Get your creative juices flowing as we dive into the world of terrariums, crafting a fantastic array of mini ecosystems in cool and unique glass containers!


Dreaming of a Terrarium That Reflects Your Unique Style? 🌿

We're now accepting commission requests to bring your green vision to life! Let's create a botanical masterpiece that's as one-of-a-kind as you are!

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Variety of Styles

Find The Perfect Terrarium Match for Every Taste and Vibe!

Our Terrariums are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, including the lush terrarium necklaces.

Upcoming Pop Up Events

Perfect for Various Occasions!

Not Sure Which Terrarium or Workshop Experience to Pick? Get Them a Gift Card!

Surprise your loved one with a unique and beautiful terrarium or exciting terrarium building workshop. Allow them to enjoy a little piece of the outdoors within the comfort of their home or office!

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