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Living Glass Skull Terrarium

Living Glass Skull Terrarium

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Enter a captivating microcosm of nature's enchantment with our Living Glass Skull Terrarium. This unique living moss garden, housed within a glass skull, invites you to witness the gradual flourish of moss and flora, creating a tranquil miniature lawn that's yours to trim at your leisure. Witness the harmonious convergence of life and death within our Living Glass Skull Terrarium.

How It Thrives:

Beyond being a striking centerpiece, your Living Glass Skull Terrarium functions as a living ecosystem. It delicately circulates moisture, oxygen, and carbon dioxide within its sealed vessel, establishing a self-sustaining environment. Rest assured, we meticulously select plants that thrive in enclosed gardens, ensuring the longevity and vitality of your captivating terrarium.

Nurturing Your Terrarium:

Keen to know the best practices for your terrarium? Your order comes complete with a comprehensive care guide, providing you with all the information needed to nurture and relish your miniature ecosystem.

What's Included:

Each order introduces you to an approximately 4.15 x 5.60 x 7.30" skull-shaped jar filled with our exclusive terrarium soil mix and biological substrates. Your living masterpiece showcases a variety of live, moist moss (type dependent on seasonal availability) and assorted flora. Welcome to the realm of hassle-free greenery! πŸŒΏπŸ’€

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