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Forever Friend Terrarium Kit

Forever Friend Terrarium Kit

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Tired of your social circle looking more like a dot? Yearning for companionship that doesn't come with endless debates about pizza toppings? Look no further! with our Make a Friend Terrarium Kit, you'll embark on a journey of botanical bonding that's sure to sprout giggles and grow memories.

Your terrarium thrives by delicately circulating moisture, oxygen, and carbon dioxide within its sealed vessel, establishing a self-sustaining environment. Rest easy knowing we carefully choose mosses that thrive in closed terrariums, ensuring longevity and vitality.

Caring for Your Terrarium:

Curious about the best practices for your terrarium? Your kit includes a care guide, offering all the information you need to nurture and enjoy your miniature ecosystem.

What's Included:

Every kit contains a 50 mL glass vial, our exclusive terrarium soil mix, along with biological substrates (horticultural charcoal and sphagnum moss), a variety of live, moist moss (type dependent on seasonal availability) tweezers, a glass spray bottle and your miniature forever friend.

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