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Living Glass "Bio-Dome" Terrarium - 500ml

Living Glass "Bio-Dome" Terrarium - 500ml

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Nestled inside a 500 ml (appx. 3.9" X 3.5" glass dome)Glass Jar lies a tiny universe, also known as a "Bio-Dome". Lush living moss graces the interior, flourishing with minimal care and soft, indirect light. A delightful brass figurine adds a touch of narrative to your miniature world. Explore our selection and invite a petite ecosystem into your workspace, bedroom, lounge, kitchenette, or gift one to the plant enthusiast. Includes Care Instructions and packaged with utmost care, ensuring safe arrival with love and intention.

Made with our exclusive terrarium soil mix, along with biological substrates (horticultural charcoal and sphagnum moss), a variety of live, moist moss (type dependent on seasonal availability) and a simple brass cricket figurine.

Care Instructions Included and Packaged With Care, Intention to Arrive Safely, and Love.

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