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2000 mL Erlenmeyer Flask Terrarium with Brass Snail Figurine

2000 mL Erlenmeyer Flask Terrarium with Brass Snail Figurine

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Make a statement with this eye-catching 2000 mL Erlenmeyer Flask Terrarium featuring a charming brass snail figurine. This enclosed glass garden makes caring for plants easy and adds an artistic focal point to any space.

  • Self-contained 6.3"D x 6.3"W x 10.55"H terrarium with cork stopper
  • Includes living moss, Pixie Lime Peperomia, and handcrafted brass snail
  • Closed environment sustains plants with just occasional misting
  • Perfect unique gift for gardeners and nature lovers
  • Care Guide Included!

Bring the outdoors in with this modern glass terrarium containing living moss and peperomia. The beautiful brass snail figurine tucked among the greenery adds an unexpected touch of whimsy and art. With just a spritz of water now and then, this self-contained world thrives on a desk, shelf, or tabletop.

Give the gift of easy indoor gardening to your favorite green thumb! This visually striking terrarium is an artistic statement piece that adds natural beauty to any space.

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